Friday, October 22, 2010

One Week

This past week a Facebook friend sent me some money so I was able to stay in a motel for one week. It was great sleeping in a bed again. My ankle and legs were swollen. I really needed that week of sleeping properly. Some days I didn't even get out of the bed.

Starting today, I'm back sleeping in my car. I'm waiting to hear back from Target to see when I start work as holiday help. I sure wish they call soon. The sooner I start, the sooner I get a check.

What has surprised me is how many men feel that it's ok for women to struggle. There were times back in the day when a man would bend over backwards to help a woman in need. Those times are long gone now. The generation of my mom and dad have drastically changed society for the worst. They don't help nobody. They are so self-absorbed with getting what they can get and using folks for what they could get out of them and they passed it down to their children. I don't feel this way only because I'm going through struggles but I've felt this way for quite some time.

Our society is so ass backwards now that it's going to take a miracle from God to turn it around. I am happy that all of this is not making me become as heartless as they are.

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