Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Change Is Coming

I sat and wrote some spec scripts for a particular show on Saturday. I got a good response on them. It really felt good to know that others could appreciate and see my talents. I'm so excited. I've always been a person of words. I love words. It saddens me that so many people totally ignore vocabulary words these days. Slang is cute at times but do you really think people speak that way in corporate America...nope.

I must come up with a way to help bring back WORDS...Vocabulary words. I use to sit and read the dictionary as a child to learn more words. I had a high school teacher who also loved words. We were best friends. I miss her much.

In conclusion, when we learn to change our words, our thoughts and dreams for better vocabulary words - change is coming. Many people believe you can speak things into existence. How can you do that if your words are not recognizable. Be blessed.

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