Thursday, February 4, 2010


I had some people come through for me on the letters of recommendation so I'm so excited about that. The Rodney Perry Show will air 3 episodes on the promotional flatscreens in Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles so I'm excited about that. I got fired from a temp job today so I'm not so excited about Wow, it amazes me how good and bad can manifest at the same time. Truth is - I needed the money but fact is - it wasn't enough money and I hated that job. So everything happens for a reason right.

Good thing is - I lost one pants size so far. Bad thing is - I missed a few days of exercising last week lol. But I'm gonna make it up this weekend. Good thing is - I can workout every morning now. Bad thing is - I have no job. Good thing is - I know God will provide as he has always done. Bad thing is - I don't know the plan lol.

I just want you all to know when good and bad happens at the same time. Lean more on the good things and you will find yourself laughing at the bad. Good always outweigh the bad. We must continue to be strong and prosper. God Bless.

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