Sunday, January 31, 2010


I'm still job-hunting for a job in my field. Though I'm blessed by getting temp assignments - I'm not gonna give up on my dream. Never! I re-edited my resume this week and I'll see how this one does. I know God is on my side because I'm still in sunny Southern California and not sleeping in my car. I did some more cold calls to production companies again this week and they told me to call back again in about a month or so. I'm editing my director's reel next week so I can have that ready as well.

So many folks, sad as it is, want to see people give up. Well they can keep wishing and watching but I'm not gonna stop. I know I was born to do this and I'm good at it. I won't quit until I breathe my last breath. Stay strong my people and never give up no matter what.

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  1. My prayers and thoughts are with you, Pat. Our field, as well as the entertainment world is thought to be a hard field. It is to some degree, but you are on the right track... So many have given up on their DREAMS due to someone telling them that they, "CAN'T," or it just did'nt happen overnight. This is a business, and business structure does apply. Remember Pat, "YOU ARE A PRODUCT OF THE INDUSTRY," and that you are competing with many other products. MAKE YOUR BRAND, stick out. God Bless You....You Will Be BLESSED!!!