Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Script

This week while on a temp job, they didn't allow me to bring my laptop. So I brought my word finder book to do during the down time. After I got tired of doing that, I pulled out my notebook and wrote the opening scene of my autobiographical film. I was so happy with what I wrote. The idea came to me almost 5 years ago. It's now time to finish this script. Beginning to write this one has helped me to stay motivated to finish my current one, drama/suspense.

I must push harder to get these words on the page. I have a feeling God is waiting on me to finish writing these We always say when things get better in our lives, we will do this or that. But what I've come to realize this week is - this is it. Time is passing while we are waiting for the better when what should be doing just might make things better. Meaning, me writing these scripts during my hard times right now just may be my way out of hard times. So I must be diligent and get them done. The time is now - right now.

I have given myself a deadline to finish at least the 1st draft by the end of January. I'm going to do it. I have no choice. Each day that I watch movies and analyze the script, I know I can hang with what I see. I'm going to direct my own film, feature length, one day soon.

I encourage and challenge you to finish your script by Feb. 1st and see how God will open up the doors from heaven and pour us out a blessing.


  1. I'm with you on that! You already know I have one in the bag, logline and all! LOL! Now I'm almost done outlining this second one and with the Save the Cat tips, I should be done no later than March 1st. Let's get it!!

  2. In the middle of a re-write for, "GETTING OUT." I look to be done within 2 days, because auditions are in 2 and a half weeks, with actual filming starting the last weekend in February. StagePlay Re-Write for, "HOUSE of SOUL," follows. Let's get some stuff done. Pat, and Hank, keep it going....