Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Today I met a new producer from a craigslist ad. I admit I was impressed because this guy had a plan, a vision and a solution. He was very nice and professional. I was just happy to see someone going after their dreams 100% with no fear in his heart. He was dedicated to his plans.

I'm going out more this month to network and meet new people. So that the more I network, the closer I get to meeting people like me - who want to make it in this industry. So many times in the past during networking, I've met folks who claim they want to succeed in the entertainment industry but have envy and jealousy in their heart, and I guess they think others can't see it. So that person never followed through with what they proclaimed they could do.

Though I've had a few setbacks with people I've met by networking, I'm not going to let that stop me from doing what this business is based on. Networking is very key in many industries and I intend to continue to go out and meet new and fresh people. I hope that they people who have networked with me have in some way benefited by meeting me.

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  1. My HEARTS' PASSION is driving me to make a move soon, changing cities. Most of us FEAR having to start over, not having a job, etc.... The best I can do is PLAN, and PRAY. Through working and showing GOD that I have a plan and that I am TRUE to it, I believe HE will move for me. With the whole internet movement, NETWORKING is limitless. Like anything, WE STILL HAVE TO WATCH OUT FOR SNAKES and CROOKS... When it comes to ENVY and JEALOUSY, I cannot mustar it.