Tuesday, January 5, 2010


After taking off my wig as of January 1, I must admit day 2 was terribly difficult. Now I'm here at day 5 I feel like me again. On facebook so many men bash women about weight, hair and money; but, one thing that stood out for me was the hair. I thought about how women love for our hair to look good and so do men. I mean my brother is in the barber shop more than me lol. But as for me, I don't like the shape of my head lol. So I feel like should length hair looks best on me. When my hair fell out due to a bad box perm I started wearing wigs because I was depressed and felt ugly.

This past week I realized that most men are hung up about women and fake hair. I realized that I have been single for a long time. Now in past couple of years, I've had men flirt with me at school and stuff but that was with my natural hair. Not long ago I went out with a male friend to the movies, I could tell that he was embarrassed by my wig. When I got home I realized how stupid I looked...really I did. Though some wigs looked better on me than others, this is why I vowed to be me in 2010.

Since my hair has had situations and I have to sport short hair - then so be it. I'm not hiding who I am anymore. We tend to like to cover up our errors and faults just to pretend to be someone else. Well this hair revelation has been a huge one for me. Truth of the matter is, I'm still cute hahahhaha well to me anyways. When I was in line at the 99 cents store after looking for a new calendar, this man and I was talking about how we didn't want to buy a calendar with a cat on it. Then he did the look... you know... the oh she's kinda cute look. I just smiled and laughed harder at myself outside because I didn't even have on my wig. So going without a wig is now easier than I thought. It's just more time and work on my natural hair...ugh lol.

Now all this ties in with being who you are at all times. We forget that God made us perfect in his image and when we complain about how we look, how we are shaped and other complaints of that nature - we are insulting God. So I'm not going to slap God in the face anymore with my nagging complaints. I'm going to be me and be happy. Are you?

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  1. Guess we are in the same boat to a degree. I have been catching flack for years for having long hair. Most of the women who I have dated has hair shorter than mine. One in particular has hair down her back, when she lets it grow, but keeps it cut very, very short. I finally cut mine to a business man cut back in December of 09' and have kept it so until now. I am not a short hair type of person. Yes, it was influence by Michael Jackson, El DeBarge, Prince, and Barry White, but that is my look.

    I have brotha's who make wise cracks about my hair all the time. When I look at the texture of their hair, I realize that they can't grow hair like mine and that they are really envious because in most cases, WOMEN LIKE IT.